Guide to Authors

Manuscript Preparation and Submission 
Manuscripts must be type written in English and presented in one side of A4 paper double spaced with margin of 2.5 cm all round. Text should be prepared using Microsoft word, in Times New Roman and 12 font size. Full length paper should not exceed 15 pages including all tables and illustrations. A standard manuscripts (MS) should be set out in the following order.;

a. Title: This should include the full title of not more than 15 words, the names of the authors(s) and institutional affiliations(s). Authors should send along a separate page containing the title of the paper without name(s) and address (es). Titles should reflect the main theme of the paper.

b. Abstract: An abstract of not more than 200 words should be provided describing concisely methodology, results and conclusions. 5-7 keywords should be written below the abstract to highlight the main features of the study.

c. Introduction: This should be brief showing a survey of literature justifying the need for the study.

d. Materials and Methods: This should be presented in an easy way to understand, indicating the materials used, describing clearly the experimental design and analytical procedures. All data must be given in metric system using SI units of measurement. All scientific names should be used. Where acronyms are used, their full meaning should be given.

e. Results/Discussion: The results and discussions (R&D) section could be merged. Tables, figures and illustrations as appropriate should be used for logical presentation and discussion of the research findings. The discussion should indicate clearly the significance and implication of the study.

f. Conclusions (if necessary) should highlight major findings.

g. Referencing: All reference in the text should be cited to conform with the Harvard System of referencing. Titles of books, journals and proceedings should be as follows:

i. Journals 
Oluremi O.I.A. and Musa S.A. (2004) the effect of mango seed kernel meat on the potential of growing rabbits Journal of Applied Animal Research 25:61-63. 

ii. Books and Monographs 
AOAC (1990). Official Methods of Analysis. 15th ed. Association of Analytical Chemists Washington DC

iii. Chapters in Edited Books:
Asadu, C.L.A; Ezeaku, P.I. and Nnaji, G.U. (2004). The Soils of Sub-Saharan Africam and Management Needs for Sustainable Farming. In: Badejo , M.A. and Togun, A.O. (Eds). Strategies and Tactics of Sustainable Agriculture in the Tropics. (STASAT). 2nd edition., published by College Press and Publications Ltd, Ibadan in collaboration with Entropct Consultants, Lagos, Nigeria. Vol. 2, pp. 1-5

iv. Papers accepted for publication 
Ajayi, F.A. (2004) Preliminary Studies of the Effect of four Anticoagulant Rodenticides on White Albino. The Nigerian Journal of Research and Production, 5. (In Press)

v. Paper in Edited Conference Proceedings.
Ezeaku, P.I. Agbede O.O. and Olimah, J.A. (2004) Appropriate Biotechnologies as a Tool for Agricultural Growth: An overview. In: Agbede O.O., Idris M.B.,

Rahman S.A., Ari, M.A. Ogara, I.M. and Asumugha G.N. (eds) mobilizing Investors for Sustainable Agricultural Research Development and Production in Nigeria Proceedings of the 38th Annual Conference of the Agricultural Society of Nigeria, held at the College of Agriculture, Lafia Nasarawa State October 17-21, 2004. pp 78-86

h. Tables/figures/Illustration:
These items should be numbered consecutively and typed on a separate piece of paper. Each should contain enough information to make itself explanatory without reference to the text. Place all tables after references and illustrations/figures after the tables. Non standard units of measurement should be defined. Identify statistical measures of variation using roman letters (e.g.; a,b)

j. Submission of Manuscripts

Deadline and Correspondence 
Manuscripts should be submitted in triplicate copies to the Editor-in-Chief, or online on or before 28th February for the issue in June, and 30th September for the 2nd issue in December of each year. The Correspondence Address is:

Editor in chief 
Production Agriculture and Technology (PAT)
C/O Faculty of Agriculture 
PMB 135, Lafia.
Nasarawa State, Nigeria. 

b. Charges Manuscripts meant for submission should be accompanied with a processing fee of five thousand Naira (N5,000.00) only. Manuscript received will be subjected to a thorough peer review. However, decision on acceptance or rejection of an article rests entirely upon the Editorial Board members. Authors of accepted papers will be communicated on the production charges.