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Baruwa, O. I.; R. Kassali; and Aremu, F. J.Adoption of Improved Maize Varieties Among Farming Households In Osun State, NigeriaView Publication
Daudu, A.K., Matanmi, B.M., Oladipo, F.O., Aliyu, A.S and Olatinwo, L.K Effect of Gender on Farmers’ level of Involvement in Arable Crop Production Activities in Kwara State, NigeriaView Publication
Matanmi B.M; Oladipo F.O; Adefalu L.L; Olabanji, O.P; Yusuf S.Y and Abdulkareem, T.ZEffect of the Use of Agrochemicals Among Arable Farmers In Oyo State, NigeriaView Publication
Manza, E.A.G., Makarau, S.B., Garba, T.K., Banta, A.L. and Yabaya, S.A.Assessment of Small Scale Farmers Membership of Farmers Groups and Access to Credit In Atyap Chiefdom of Zangon Kataf LGA, Kaduna StateView Publication
Kassali R., Aremu F. J. and Shittu, B AAn Economic Analysis of Watermelon Marketing In Oyo State, NigeriaView Publication
Belewu M.A, K.Y. Belewu, N.O. Belewu, A.M. Nayyar and T. L. AbdulganiyuEfficacy of Fungus Treated Ackee Apple (Blighia sapida ) Seed Meal on Milk Quantity and Quality of Lactating GoatView Publication
Adua M.M, S.E. Alu, 2Omeje J.NHeamatological Indices of Sahel and West African Dwarf Goats Vaccinated Against Pestes despetits Ruminants (PPR)View Publication
Aliyu .I, Abubakar I.U, I. M. Haruna, Haliru MuazuEffect of varying levels of Potassium and Irrigation Interval on Sweet Potato Tuber Quality (Ipomoea batatas L.) In Sudan SavannaView Publication
Dauda*.S.N. Isa, A. S., E. Ndor, E.D Azagaku and I. M. HarunaCorrelation and Path Analysis of Yield, Growth and Yield Components of Green Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) VarietesView Publication
Dauda S.N., Isa, A. S., E. Ndor, E.D Azagaku and I. M. HarunaPolynomial Response of Green Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Varieties To Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizers RatesView Publication
Garba, Y.Correlation Analysis of Growth and Yield Components of Maize (Zea mays L.) Under Striga HermonthicaView Publication
Onuk, E.G., Alimba, J.O. and R. Kasali .A Comparative Study of Production Efficiencies Under Cowpea-Maize and Groundnut-Millet Intercropping Systems In The North Central Zone, NigeriaView Publication
Omifolaji J.K., Taiwo, A.M and Modu M.Attitudinal Perception of Residents’ Towards Ecological Tourism In University of Ibadan Community, NigeriaView Publication
Taiwo, A. Mauzonsu and Omifolaji, J. Kehinde*.Impact Assessment of National Programme For Food Security (NPFS) On Farmers’ Production In Oyo StateView Publication
Egbewande*, O.O., Olorede, B.R., Maigandi, S.A. and Hassan, W.A.Impact of Local Sources of Vitamins On Growth And Economic Analysis of Growing Pullets In Hot-Dry Season.View Publication
Mohammed, U.S., Iyiola A.S and Usman, R.K.Production Analysis of Catfish Farming In Epe Local Government Area of Lagos State, NigeriaView Publication
Mohammed, K. O., E.Y. Oyinlola, and J.Garba.Effects of Neem Seed Cake and Inorganic Fertilizer On The Nutrition of Sorghum At Samaru, Northern Nigeria.View Publication
Egbewole Z. T. Falade L.O, Jayeoba O. J, Rotowa O.J and Clement S.A.Assessment of Seed Germination and Early Growth Trial of Ceiba pentandra (L. Gaertn)View Publication
Egbewole Z. T., Rotowa O. J. and Omoake P. O.Evaluation of Fibre Quality of Bambusa vulgaris (Bamboo) as a Raw Material for Pulp and Paper ProductionView Publication
Efenakpo,O. D. Ijeomah,H. M. and Eniang,E. A.Assessment of Frog Meat Trade and Nutritional Composition of Selected Anura Species In Ibadan, NigeriaView Publication
Ijeomah, H.M., Nwanegbo, O.C. and Umokoro, O.Assessment of Tourist Attractions in Okomu National Park and Oguta Lake Eco-destinations of NigeriaView Publication
Alaga A.A., D.M. Ogah* and I.D. HassanEffects of Various Storage Temperature on the Hatchability of Quail Eggs in Hot Humid Environment of Lafia, Nasarawa State, NigeriaView Publication
Carew, S.N., Yusuf, N.D., Ejembi, E.P and Tuleun, C.DBrooding and Rearing of Broiler Chicken on Free Range Using Local Chicken HensView Publication
Hassan,D. I. *, V. E. Aya, A. I. Alaku, Musa, S. I., R. E. Barde, M. M. Adua and N. D. YusufEffects of Moringa oleifera leaves on Body weight and Haematological parameters of Rabbits infected with Trypanasoma congolence.View Publication