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Awogbenja M.D and Bhadmus BayoNutrient Composition of selected Traditional Dishes commonly consumed in Plateau State, Nigeria.View Publication
Umar, H.S., Jabo, M. S. M. and Yahya, K Determinants of Profit Efficiency Among Ginger Farmers In Southern Kaduna, Nigeria: A Stochastic Profit Frontier Model ApproachView Publication
G. A. Ubandoma, B. F. Umar, B. Z. Abubakar and S. D. AbubakarThe Effect of Farmers’ Socioeconomic Characteristics on Adoption of Adaptation Measures to Climate Change in Northern Zone of Sokoto State Agricultural Development ProjectView Publication
Offor, E. I., Ahamefule, B. A and Kalu, A.EDeterminants of Net-returns of Plantain Marketing in Ikwuano Local Government Area of Abia State, NigeriaView Publication
Kughur, P.G., Okeme, S. and Katikpo, G Assessment of Adoption of Integrated Pest Management Practices among Cowpea Farmers in Okpokwu Local Government Area of Benue State, NigeriaView Publication
Gambo, B. K., Manza E.A.G, Kassim I.A., Ahmed B, and M. Dalhatu.Impact of NERICA Rice Project on the Productivity of Rice Farmers in Kaduna State of Nigeria.View Publication
Luka, E. G., Ejembi, E. P. and Ejembi, S.A., Social Capital Factors Affecting Access to Farm Inputs by Small Scale Farmers in North Central NigeriaView Publication
Umoh, E.J. and Okudu, H.OEffect Of Blanching and Drying On Some Micronutrients of Selected Green Leafy Vegetables Consumed In Tiv Community, Benue State Nigeria.View Publication
Adgidzi, E. A., Ibegbulem, V. O and Bello, F.Effect of Blending Graded Levels of Refined Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Flour With Whole Bambaranut (Vigna subterranea) Grits For Biscuit ProductionView Publication
Akinfemi, A and Adebayo .B. JPerformance Evaluation and Organ Weight Characteristics of Grower Rabbit Fed Graded Levels of Fungal Treated Maize StoverView Publication
Suleiman, R., Akpoko, J. G, Akinola, M. O., Yusuf, O. and Oladimeji, Y.UDeterminants of Livelihood Diversification among Agro-pastoralists due to Climate Change Effects in the Selected States of North-West NigeriaView Publication
Ogundare S.K Nitrogen Uptake, Growth and Yield of Bambara nut in Response to Population Densities and Phosphorus Sources in an Ultisol View Publication
Guluwa, L. Y., Gambo, D., Alokoson, J. I. and Agbu, C. S.,Effect of Soaking Duration of Sweet Orange Peel Meal (Citrus sinensis) On The Gastrointestinal and Organmorphometry Of Broiler ChickensView Publication
ACHOJA Felix Odemero and IGBE, Ogheneovo KellyLinkages between Adoption of Marketing Strategies and Efficiency of Marketers of Poultry Products in Delta State, NigeriaView Publication
Ojeleye O.A. The Nigerian Food Basket: Production and Single Factor Productivity Measures of Major Staple Food Crops at a GlanceView Publication
Ojeleye O. A, N.M. Saddiq, R. Suleiman and 1Y.U. OladimejiNigerian Food Security Indices between the year 2012 and 2016: Where we are.View Publication
Lankoandé, Y.F., Frempong, A.F. and Adekunle, O.A.Farmers’ Agricultural Information Sources in Houet Province, Burkina Faso.View Publication
Agbu, C. S., Kaankuka, F. G., Tion, M. A. and Gambo, D.Effect of Different Sources of Phosphorus on Bone Mineral Composition and Their Bioavailability Test In Broiler ChickensView Publication
Oshimagye M. I., Ekoja O. M and Dauda A. K.Sub-lethal Concentration of Paraquat on Growth performance and haematological parameters of Clarias gariepinus (Burchell, 1822) Juveniles.View Publication
Okunsebor, S.A. and Kasimu, J.J.Growth and Nutrient Utilization of Clarias gariepinus Juvenile Fed Graded Levels of Fresh Water Lettuce (Pistia stratiotes) As SupplementView Publication
Okunsebor, S. A.Effects of Garlic Hydro-Soluble Extracts on Weight Gain, Condition Factor and Survival Rate of Clarias gariepinus FryView Publication
Agidi,V.A, Hassan, S.M and Baleri, T.GInter-Annual Rainfall Variability on Yam Yield in Lafia, Nasarawa State, Nigeria.View Publication
E.Y.Thomas and J.R OrimoloyeSoil Organic Carbon Variations and Selected Soil Chemical Properties As Affected By Different Land Use Types in Benin (South-Southern Nigeria)View Publication
Muhammed Shittu LAWAL Animal Protein Demand and Profitability of Numida meleagris (Guinea-Fowl) A Wild Bird In NigeriaView Publication
Muhammed Shittu LAWAL Contributions of Nigeria Rural Women to the Indigenous Economic Activities Component of EcotourismView Publication