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Ezihe, Jackqueline. A.C, Gidado, E. H. and Anjorin, A. MEffects of Flood on Sales of Fish among Fishermen in Makurdi, Benue StateView Publication
Albert, C.O. and A.I, EmodiEconomics and Consumption Pattern of Bitter Yam (Dioscorea dumetorum) among Rural Households in Emuoha Local Government Area of Rivers StateView Publication
Zaknayiba, D. B. and Mamman, B. DProfitability Analysis of Irish Potato Production in Bokkos Local Government Area of Plateau State, NigeriaView Publication
Yusuf, M. Bello, M. B, Ahungwa, G. T. Gama, E. N. Oke, F. O Profitability of Medium Scale Layer Production In Kumbotso and Nassarawa Council Areas, Kano State, Nigeria View Publication
Abah, D, E.C. Eboh and C.U. OkoyeLand Use Pattern and Profitabilty among Crop Farmers in Nasarawa State, Nigeria.View Publication
Oloyede, W.O., A. Muhammad-Lawal., K.B. Amolegbe., H.K. Ibrahim., and A.A. OgunsusiEconomic Assessment of Pesticides Usage in Leafy Vegetable Production among small-scale Farmers in Kwara StateView Publication
Ajayi, O. J., Muhammed, Y., Olah, F. and Tsado, J. HEffects of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Usage on Cassava Production in Oturkpo Local Government Area, Benue State, NigeriaView Publication
Abah, D*, M. O. Ogah and Agbo M.EClimate Change Adaptation Decisions among Farming Households in Otukpo Local Government Area of Benue StateView Publication
S. S. Mailumo, M. B. Usman, E. Oiganji and F. YusufPromoting Urban Agriculture: A case of Cabbage – Lettuce Production under Irrigation in Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State, NigeriaView Publication
OKUNADE S. O.Studies into the Efficacy of Neem Wood Ash in Controlling Storage Problems of Irish Potato Solanum tuberosum l.TubersView Publication
A .A Mukhtar and A.M SamndiProperties and Classification of Urban Agricultural Soils along River Kofar Ruwa in Kano Metropolis, NigeriaView Publication
A. A MukhtarWastewater Qualities used for urban Agriculture in metropolitan Kano, Kano State, NigeriaView Publication
Simpa, Ondeku JamesFood Security Status of Small-Scale Farmers in Nasarawa State, NigeriaView Publication
Lawal, Oluwafemi OluwatosinGenetic Estimates and Forage Potential of ‘Maiwa’ Pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum (l.) R. Br)View Publication
Oiganji Ezekiel, I. I. Ibrahim, A.M Abubakar and Bayo DavidHydraulic Characteristics of Medi-Emitter Drip Irrigation System in Jos, NigeriaView Publication
Oluwagbenga Dunsin, Christopher MuyiwaAboyeji, ArunaOlasebikanAdekiya, Morolake Omolola, Gideon Agbaje, and Anjorin OluwaseunEffect of Biochar and Npk Fertilizer on Growth, Biomass Yield and Nutritional Quality of Kale (Brassica Oleracea) in a Derived Agro-Ecological Zone of Nigeria.View Publication
Opoola. E., Ogundipe. S. O., Bawa, G. S.,Onimisi. P. A. and Agubosi, O.C.PDetermination of Optimum Tryptophan Requirement of Broiler Chickens Reared in the Cool Season under Tropical EnvironmentView Publication
R. Mohammed, J.O Cheikyula and S.G SolomonAcute toxicityof Tilapia (OreochromisniloticusTREWAVAS) exposed to Cassava (TMS 30572) Processing WastewaterView Publication
Ijeomah, A. U. Ugwu, M. N. and Shuaibu S. SThe effects Artesunate Amodiaquine and Artemether Lumefantrine on some Hematological Parameters in Healthy Male Albino RatsView Publication
M M Adua, A. Ahmed and Okukpe K MThe Prevalence of Liver Flukes In Cattle Sheep and Goat: A Case Study of Kuje Abattoir F.C.T Abuja View Publication
Ayorinde, M.O.Light Fractions of Organic Carbon and Microbial Properties As Affected By Land Management In Savanna Soil.View Publication
Oiganji Ezekiel, Ahmed Abubakar , A.M Nathaniel and G. B. DeborahEconomic Evaluation of a Medi-Emitter Drip Irrigated Onion in Jos-North, Plateau- NigeriaView Publication