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Sotolu, R.OFrom Illegal to Regulated Wildlife Trade:A Realistic Approach To SustainableBiodiversity ConservationView Publication
Awogbenja M.D, Hassan A andAlabi M.OFormulated from Blends of Millet(pennisetum), Groundnut (Arachishypogea) and Moringa oleifera.View Publication
Mukhtar, A.A and Samndi, A. MProperties and Classification of UrbanAgricultural Soils along River Salanta(Sharada), Kano, NigeriaView Publication
Albert-Elenwa, C.OLocal People Participation in Local Government Agricultural Development Activities in Rivers State, NigeriaView Publication
Nnodim, A.UEffect of Corruption on Farmers’ Efficiency in Cassava Production and Income Generation among Rural Women in Etche Ethnic Nation, Rivers StateView Publication
Adedeji S.O, Abubakar Umaru, Opeyemi, G., B. A. Sule,Adenuga A. H,A. BabasamoreClimate Change Adaptation Strategies Among Sorghum Farmers In Niger State, NigeriaView Publication
I.M. Ogara, V. O. Adedayo, E. A. Adgidzi, K. O. Idahor, M. M. AriFungi and Aflatoxin B1 of Freshly Harvested, Hand and Machine Shelled Groundnuts and Groundnut CakeView Publication
Belewu, M.A., Yusuff, A.T. and Yusuf, M.AFungus (Aspergillus niger) Treated Ackee Apple Seed Meal: Assay of Nutritive Value, Voluntary Intake and Digestibility in Pregnant GoatView Publication
Gbigbi, Theophilus MiebiQuantitative Analysis of Small Scale Catfish Enterprises in Oshimili South Local Government Area, Delta StateView Publication
Amao, S.REffect of Crossing Fulani Ecotype with Rhode Island Red Chickens On Growth Performance, Egg And Reproductive Traits Under Southern Guinea Savanna Region Of NigeriaView Publication
Isah, K.M., Kumar, N., Abdulmaliq, S,Y,and Abubakar, A.L.Effects of Rates of Cow Dung and Poultry Manure On Maize Reaction To Striga hermonthica Parasitism At Lapai In The Southern Guinea Savanna of NigeriaView Publication
Ayorinde, O. M, Zhirin, S and Haruna, I.MMorphological Characteristics of Celosia argentea As Influenced By Different Rates of Poultry Manure and Spacing In Northern Guinea SavanaView Publication
Danmaigoro O., D. B. Ishaya and U. IbrahimGrowth attributes and yield of rice (Oryza Sativa. L) as affected by weed control treatments, poultry manure and stand densityView Publication
Ojinnaka, M.C. and Okudu, H.OMicronutrient Composition of Wheat-Cocoyam Cookies Enriched With Soybean FlourView Publication
Ojinnaka, M.C., Okudu, H.O., Ezenwa, L.I., Ebereonwu, H.OAddition of edible mushroom (Pleurotus tuber-regium) on the nutrient composition and organoleptic properties of wheat-mushroom chinchinView Publication